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Digitropism —'info-calypse' 

Inspired by French philosopher Henri Lefebvre's developed concept of 'rhythmanalysis', Digitropism —'info-calypse'  navigates the intricate intersections of biological and social rhythms. It uses Lefebvre's idea of the body as a metronome to explore rhythmic processes and humanity's challenges in maintaining a balanced relationship with the technology-filled environment. This project unveils the interconnected rhythms of nature, the human body, and social structures, drawing parallels from heliotropic plants like sunflowers and adaptability processes such as entrainment.


'Digitropism' explores the concept of 'tropism', a biological response or orientation towards an external stimulus. However, in this context, it refers to our collective turn and subsequent dependence on technology. In the modern world, constant online presence blurs the boundaries between work and rest, disrupting the human biological rhythm and altering sleeping patterns. With many individuals spending more time in front of screens than engaging with the natural world, the biological clock and daily behaviour patterns are caught in a complex interplay of adaptation to this new 'nature'. 


The project encapsulates an audiovisual installation that compresses a day's circadian rhythm into a 24-minute experience by employing CGI motion graphics to envelop the space. The project reveals the disruptive influence of digital consumerism on our natural cycles and relationship with the environment. It integrates 24-hour patterns of  ‘X’ (former name Twitter) data provided by researchers to craft a sonic landscape. The text of the tweets, recorded in over 20 languages using synthetic voices, is transformed into a composition resembling a bird chorus. This sound piece, created in collaboration with composer D.Digimas, fluctuates in intensity with the activity of the day it portrays, illustrating the rhythms of our digital interactions. The project provokes thoughts on our navigation through the cognitive challenges brought on by the 'infocalypse', it raises questions about our ability to discern the natural from the artificial and about how we can reclaim a balanced relationship with our environment.



The project is in its continuous phase of development and expansion. It consists of an audiovisual installation and framed art pieces.



Special thanks to Jonathan Kearney, Dominykas Digimas, Karolis Narkevicius, Juergen Pfeffer.

'Digitropism' installation excerpt. 6:00-9:00.

'Digitropism. 18:00. 

100W x 125H CM 

Installation visualization.

Digitropism installation visualization.jpg

24 hours of Twitter data from September 20, 15:00:00 UTC to September 21 14:59:59 UTC.

24h Tweets.jpg
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