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The ‘Farm’ project opens up a discussion about the interaction between the physical and virtual worlds, examining how the exponential growth of digital consumerism and the integration of synthetic media into our everyday lives affects society. The audiovisual installation draws a parallel between traditional agriculture and modern render farms designed to generate computer graphics. Farm delves into growing virtual existences, highlighting the scale and challenges of digital content production. Are we ready to embrace spaces where not only biological but also digital beings grow? Are we able to separate the real world from its digital simulations?


The 'Farm' project prompts us to consider the blurring boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds and the associated challenges. As the phenomenon of synthetic media becomes more and more integrated into our daily life, questions arise: how do digital beings generated by various AI algorithms, videos created by "deepfake" technologies, CGI graphics and other forms of synthetic media affect our society, daily life and perception of reality?

The 'Farm' project symbolizes the parallel between traditional farms for agriculture and livestock and modern render farms—high-power computer systems designed to quickly and efficiently generate and process computer graphics (CG). This metaphor of mass production examines how digital technologies enable the widespread creation and dissemination of images and information. Consumers become participants in a large "digital product farm" where new technologies enable mass production and often consumption of low-authentic or fake content.

The soundtrack of the project, created in collaboration with composer Andrius Šiuris, is recorded from the author's creative process. It includes the documented sounds of the computer's 3D graphics rendering process, such as the noise of cooling systems. These everyday sounds of the work process are transformed into a sound composition that becomes an integral element of the narrative, connecting technology and organic beings.

The project highlights evolving definitions, our changing understanding of humanity, and the dynamic nature of societal shifts. With synthetic humans now able to be manifested through computer algorithms, the project invites us to contemplate the transformation of farms into environments that nurture not only plants and animals but also digital beings. 

(The project is being developed into a multidimensional installation)

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