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Architecture of Numbers

NFT Artwork

Collaboration with EPAM Systems creating digital artwork for the unique Grand Opening of EPAM office in Vilnius.

‘Architecture of Numbers’, was converted into NFT, a non-fungible token and distributed with fractional ownership among the EPAM Lithuania team and the Grand Opening guests. 

The artwork is inspired by Lithuanian folklore and folk art, reflecting on how communication connects us, whether it is spoken language, pattern language, or programming language. For the artwork, the author chose the legend of the founding of Vilnius and converted the text into binary code, which was turned into a pixel image, reminding Lithuanian folk textiles and patterns. Encoded legend in the digital artwork was a starting point to an evolving story, the developing history of Vilnius and Lithuania up to modern days, full of technologies and digital content. It is a structure, network of new stories, connections, achievements, and legends.

Inspired by the unique heritage and impressive development of the ICT industry in Lithuania, EPAM collaborated with contemporary digital artist Lauryna Narkeviciute to make the legend live in a digital world.

Lauryna Narkeviciute Artwork 'Architecture of Numbers' (small).jpg
Lauryna Narkeviciute Artwork 'Architecture of Numbers' (small1).jpg
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