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Sight is a project that challenges our experiential worldview, encouraging us to look at the surrounding environment from a variety of perspectives and to highlight the inevitable distinctions as a strength - a multifaceted harmonious whole - combining social, cultural and political aspects.


To emphasize the diversity of differences, the installation uses a landscape, the meaning of which - thanks to the synthesis of various elements and constant change - acquires ambiguity. The uniqueness of the landscape lies in dynamics of different interactions in each specific area. This phenomenon can be perceived, experienced, heard, seen, interpreted, or felt differently.


A landscape is an image of an area formed by natural processes and human activities, the perception of which depends on different outcomes, circumstances, causes, experiences, emotional charge or state. The audio range is an integral part of getting to know the landscape. It doesn't only provide a certain feeling but also allows to find your bearings in a certain space and to understand its limits.


The audiovisual installation consists of a computer-generated landscape and an audio recorded using the binaural sound recording method. Drawing with light indicates the flow of time, and the sound that defines the boundaries of the gallery walls helps to understand spatiality. 8 geographical directions, 32 sound points, 4 metronome tempos become part of the cognition of the site-specific landscape and emphasize the aspect of subjectively perceived time. With the help of atmospheric sound and 3D generated visual, the work invites you to experience everything in 4D: the change of time and space and the metamorphosis of spacetime.



Opening_sight_ Arka Gallery Lauryna Narkeviciute and Andrius Siurys.jpg

Lauryna Narkeviciute collab w/

Composer Andrius Siurys

ARKA Gallery, Lithuania 2022

Excerpt from installation

Excerpt from installation

Limited Edition Artwork

Sight. West.

Lauryna Narkeviciute. Sight. West.jpg

Sight. North-West.

Lauryna Narkeviciute. Sight. North-West.jpg

Sight. North

Lauryna Narkeviciute. Sight. North.jpg

Sight. North-East.

Sight. North-East.jpg

Sight. East.

Sight. East.jpg

Sight. South-East.

6 Sight. South-East.jpg

Sight. South.

Sight. South.

Sight. South-West.

Sight. South-West.
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