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Lauryna Narkeviciute is Lithuanian Visual Artist who focuses on digital art, visual design and photography. Her work is characterized by dialogue between various materials and different fields of art, in which aesthetics always play an important role.

Without self-initiated projects, she works with clients from different creative fields like music, fashion, performing arts, advertising. She finished Photography and Media Art studies in Vilnius Academy of Art (2014) where learned to combine different fields of art, think more conceptually about artwork and developed taste of visual art. She is Co-founder of artwork studio SOME EDITION and has 9 years experience working in the arts industry. 


‘Every substance taken out of context becomes a new material for creation. I am interested in the relationship between the imaginary and the real world, how knowledge affects the perception of the observed object, how it is shaped and deformed, what new content we see from the loss and discovery of the fragments. In my works, the network of fictive characters is inextricably intertwined with real elements.’





Group exhibition ‘SAATCHI SCREEN’ Saatchi Gallery, London, 2019

'Performa' project Part I, Arts Printing House, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2019

Pop-Up Design Fair, Kablys, Vilnius, Lithuania,  2017

Pop-Up Design Fair, M. Zilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania,  2017

‘Furniture. Interior. design. 2017 ‘, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017

Vilnius Design Week, Lithuania, 2016

Siauliai Design Week, Lithuania, 2016

Pop-Up Design Fair, Kablys, Vilnius,  2016

Uptown Market, Loftas, Vilnius 2016

Personal exhibition, Casa do Artista, Portugal, 2015

Personal exhibition 'Accidents and Congruences' , Gallery Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014

Behance Appreciation Award Coin for 'Kurak - Surface' album cover in Portfolio Review Week, 2014

Group exhibition Re(z)ginys, Titanikas exhibition hall, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014

'ART VILNIUS’13, Art fair, video art collection screening. Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013

Media Festival 'Enter 11', Siauliai Art Gallery, Siauliai, Lithuania, 2013

Fashion Night Out, Video installation, SQBY / Someedition, 2013

Group exhibition 'PLT YOUNG ART', The house of Polish Culture in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012

Group exhibition 'Variations', Titanikas exhibition hall, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012

‘Gob Squad’ workshop, Arts Printing House, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2011




Lithuanian Council for Culture grant 2015




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Interview for ‘Swo magazine’ 2013/05 (08)



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Online newspaper “Lietuvos rytas” 2014/03