How does it look or sound, what can you feel, how close our imagination is to visible, audible and tangible reality? An eclectic journey, that simultaneously combines sound and visuals through our unique experiences and distinctive art forms.

Performa is a project that combines sound and visuals. A game of discovery, constructing and deconstructing the primary form, the concepts of composer’s creations without hearing the sounds.


An impressive experimental journey and experience.



First part of ‘Performa’project - contemporary music concert where compositions, written by young Lithuanian composers known around the world, have been combined by string duo

‘Twenty Fingers Duo’



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Visual Art

A game of discovery, constructing and deconstructing the primary form/content, the concepts of composer’s creations. Without hearing the sounds, a new narrative emerges, the creations acquire their own history, and new interpretations. Constant dialogue – between me, composers, performers and video projection artist. Materials that speak, new forms and connections… eclectic, but a unified journey of sounds and visuals.

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Photo: Tautvydas Stukas

Photo: Tautvydas Stukas



The first part of Performa - a concert. It was lead by a musical performance while artworks and visual installations complemented the sound.

Second part - an art exhibition. The emphasis will be put on the visual artwork while music is played in the background enhancing the experience.


What happens when you first see the artwork and only then hear corresponding sound? In comparison to being surrounded by live music and seeing interrelated visual projections. Does perception of the artwork change depending on the location (gallery or concert stage) or situation (exhibition or a live concert)? How do visuals affect the sound and vice versa?




Music artists: Twenty Fingers Duo

Sound director: Julius Aglinskas

Scenography: random heroes

Video Artist: Kornelijus Jarosevisius





Rytis Masilionis

Karina Narkeviciute

Lauryna Narkevičiūtė