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 Vartai Gallery

Accidents & congruences

Photopolymer; Sculptures

I am interested in the issues of the original object and its copy. Objects' relationship between perceived and real history.


In my work, I restore the missing National museum – Palace of the grand dukes of Lithuania exhibits fragments. My interpretation and creation of the object is based on Kristina Sabaliauskaite book 'Silva Rerum', which tells the story of characters and historical events that took place in Vilnius in XVI-XVIII century. Fragments, both from the book and exhibit, when separated from the context become a new construction material for creation.


The connection that occurs between people, time, materials, history, allows to view my work not as an archaeological research, but as a new content, collection of objects, accidents and congruences, completing both the books' and the museum exhibits' sequel gaps.

Art project Accidents & congruences
Art Project Accidents & congruences
Art Project Accidents & congruences
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